Domain Name Management

When a domain name expires it becomes inactive immediately and all the services attached to it, such as websites and email, cease to function. The domain name will remain available for reactivation with your domain registrar for a limited time.

If you do not renew the domain name during the registry grace period, you will lose it and it will be released for general registration.
To retain ownership of your domain, renew your domain registration before it expires, or better yet, set it to renew automatically. You can register your domain name for a maximum of 10 years.

Not all domain registrars provide a grace period. Check your registrar's terms of service for information on how your registrar handles expired domain names. Once a domain name is released, you will have to purchase it again if it is still available.

Reacquiring a lost domain name can cost hundreds of dollars or may even be impossible. 

You can request that your registrar put a transfer lock on your domain name. Putting this lock on your domain name is a safe way to guard against unauthorized transfer or hijacking of your domain name.

Domain Name Security Recommendations

  • Use a domain registrar that offers telephone support such as or Network Solutions.
  • Consolidate all council domain names in a single account managed by the council, not a volunteer.
  • Do not register domain names using a staff member's email address. Use a general council email address on the account.
  • Provide Delegate Access to as a backup to manage domains.
  • Purchase domain privacy for all council domain names.
  • Renew domain names for multiple years.
  • Set domain name renewals to automatic.

Delegate Access


To allow delegate access to your GoDaddy account, first sign in here.

Using the "person icon" menu in the upper right, choose Account Settings.

Click Delegate Access, and in the section titled "People who can access my account," enter the name (Tentaroo Camp Management) and email address (

You will need to select a level of access for your onboarder—we recommend choosing Products & Domains, which will allow us to update your DNS but will restrict any sensitive data from us.

Now click Invite, and once we accept your invitation, you'll receive a notification email from GoDaddy.

That's it!

Network Solutions

To create a new user on your account, first log into Network Solutions here.

Go to the Operations tab and click Users, then click Add New Users. You'll need to fill out a username and password for Tentaroo, and enter our email address (

Next, once the user has been created, you can allow Super Admin access, and uncheck "User can access credit card information."

You're done!


We are always happy to assist with website training.