Mass Booking Facilities

Last edited 10/12/2020
Mass-booking facilities for a camp-wide event can be time consuming, especially if your property includes lots of individual facilities - campsites, cabins, lodges, etc. - and blackout dates, while much faster, lack the group detail and payment information that trips and individual reservations provide. We now have a way for councils to manage mass bookings for a location while also gathering group information and allowing them to pay online.

Mass-Booking Steps

  1. Create hidden, admin-only facilities for “Whole Facility” or “All Campsites” style mass bookings.
  2. Set pricing as needed; you can use admin overrides for special rates.
  3. Use blackout dates to make individual facilities unavailable.


  • Use online payments OR at council/other payments.
  • Can admin-override amount due depending on the group.
  • Helps move away from paper tracking methods.
  • Group and Contact info is gathered.
  • Group reservation details included in reports for staff/rangers.
  • Track money paid/due in facility reports.
  • Collect money due at arrival, if needed.
  • Inventories (i.e. canoe rentals) can be managed in Tentaroo.


  • Admin Only - groups cannot self-select whole camp because conflicts with individual facility reservations aren’t automatic.
  • Must set up both Trip/Reservation(s) AND Blackout dates (should still be faster than reserving every individual facility).



CHECKOUT IS THE FINAL STEP - Remember that nothing is finalized until you check out of the shopping cart. All registrations/classes/options will be verified upon submitting an order in the shopping cart.

This also applies if no payment is due.


We are always happy to assist with event registration training.