Facility Blackout Dates

Last edited 12/16/2019
Blackout dates are an important and helpful part of facility reservations. There are many uses for blackout dates:

  • Prevent reservations during a council event such as resident summer camp.
  • Prevent reservations past a future date such as the end of the published council calendar.
  • Place a hold on a facility.
PLEASE NOTE: Blackout dates must be used when adding an event to the Event Module to prevent double booking of the facilities used for the event. Events at a location do not automatically blackout the facilities within the location. You can blackout some or all of the facilities at the location.

Defining Blackout Dates

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To create a blackout date, use the following steps on the Facility Blackout Dates tab:

  1. Click New button to add a new blackout date.
  2. Select location.
  3. Enter reason for blackout (This description will allow you to find the blackout more easily).
  4. Specify start date and time.
  5. Specify end date and time.
  6. Use the Type dropdown on the bottom right to select the Facility Type containing the facilities you wish to blackout.
  7. Drag from the right to the left any facilities you wish to add (or click Add All below).
  8. Save Blackout.

You will also want to review the facility reports to make sure that the facilities being blacked-out are not already reserved.

We are always happy to assist with facility reservation training.