Pricing Tiers

Last edited 7/6/2022
Pricing Tiers in Tentaroo allow councils to customize pricing for different groups, defining multiple sets of rates within the Events and Facilities Modules. They are flexible tools that can be used to offer discounts and incentivize units to meet fundraising goals.

Each council's system is initially set up with two tiers in each module: Default / In-Council and Out of Council. Councils can add as many custom tiers as they need to support their pricing needs.

User accounts are automatically assigned to one Events Pricing Tier and one Facilities Pricing Tier when they are created, and admins can reassign tiers for either module as needed. Users will be able to see their assigned tiers in their profile, but the tier title is not displayed during event registration or facility booking.

Adding Pricing Tiers

To add new pricing tiers, submit the request form linked below. Please allow up to three (3) business days for the tiers to be added, after which they will be ready to use immediately.

Request additional pricing tiers

Using Event Pricing Tiers

Enable needed Pricing Tiers in the Event Type Settings, then set pricing for each Event. For simple events where you charge the same for all groups, you can disable all but the Default / In-Council tier, which is always on, and maintain only one set of rates.

Some examples of how our councils use this:

  • FOS Discount - groups that met their fundraising goals and get a discount on council level events for a year.
  • In State Councils - councils within the state have arranged for In-Council pricing at each other's camps.
  • Provisional - individuals attending camp without a unit are charged more to account for staff assigned as Provisional Unit Leaders.
  • Returning Campers - units returning for a subsequent year are granted last year's rates.

Using Facility Pricing Tiers

Pricing tiers in Facilities are always on, unlike Events where you can turn off the tiers you don't need by the Event Type. Facilities can either have different rates for each tier, or one single rate for everyone. The "Copy From Default / In-Council" button will copy pricing down to other tiers.

Some examples of how our councils use this:

  • Non-Profit (Non-BSA) - other non-profit groups get reduced rates to book facilities.
  • Weddings - set special rates for weddings. May require additional admin oversight to get the correct rates.
  • Non-BSA - set higher rates for private groups.
  • Special Event - set rates for groups that book large events at your camps such as work retreats.
  • Internal Use - set rates for groups managed by the council for any reason, such as District or OA events that use council facilities.

Changing Assigned Pricing Tiers in a Group Account

Group accounts are automatically assigned pricing tiers upon creation. Unit accounts will get either the Default / In-Council or the Out of Council tiers based on their council. All non-unit accounts will go into Default / In-Council tiers.

By request, we can point all non-unit accounts to one of your custom pricing tiers. When filling out the Request Pricing Tiers form, check the "Make Default for New Non-Unit Accounts" next to your Additional Event/Facility Tier field.

To manually reassign tiers for individual groups, use the Select Client tool to find a group. In the group account, go to Manage Profile. Use the dropdowns for Events Pricing and Facilities Pricing to change the assigned tier and save. This group will now get the assigned pricing on any new purchases in Tentaroo.

Special Note: If you change Pricing Tiers for a group after they have registered for an event or reserved a facility, their prices will not automatically change.

  • To update events that lock-in rates based on Date Paid in Full, go to the event and Recalculate pricing to update the group's rates.
  • To update events that lock-in rates based on Date of Registration, go to the group's registration, manage the spots or names and manually change the rates to the correct amounts. Checkout to finalize changes.
  • To update facilities, go to the group's Trip and manage each reservation. Update the rates to the correct amounts and add to the cart. Checkout to finalize changes.

You can also find a list of groups assigned to each tier by downloading the All Groups report, found in the Tentaroo Legacy AIR App under Reports, Group Reports. This report shows all groups in the system and, among other things, their assigned tiers. This can be used as a means of finding groups that need to be switched from one tier to another.


Request additional pricing tiers


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