System Reports and Accounting

Last edited 10/12/2020
For each of our modules and for Form Builder, there are many helpful reports at your fingertips for managing registrations and handling accounting and refunds. 

Tentaroo Reports

Section Description
Event Reports Export data to Excel for all events for an Event Type for a given year.
Group Reports Pull a list of all groups in your system or just groups with credit on file.
Payment Reports Set a date range and export a variety of helpful financial reports. Includes both Tentaroo and Form Builder data.
Calendar Export Set a date range and export your calendar entries in Google Calendar import format. iCal support will be coming in the future.
Facility Reports As of 10/12/2020 Facility Reports appear on the facility section of this manual. Facility Reports cover all aspects of facility reservations, from availability to exports for your ranger staff.


Form Builder Reports

Section Description
Entries View all entries for the form and export all or select fields as a CSV/Excel file.
Report Build live widgets - various graphs or select data fields - that can be embedded on a Tentaroo website or minisite.
Financial reports for Form Builder are included in Payment Reports in the Tentaroo system.



We will be adding this section shortly. Please, contact Tentaroo for training on Reporting and Accounting.