Last edited 9/29/2020
Tentaroo webpages have a sidebar section especially designed for embedded Google Maps. As an example, the map section on this page displays an interactive map for Hawn State Park.

Getting Embed Code from Google

  1. Using a web browser, go to Google Maps.
  2. Find the location you want to display on your map. Open its page so that a red map marker appears.
  3. Click on the circle button that says "Share" or "Share Place" and a box will open with two tabs.
  4. Click on the second, "Embed a map," tab.
  5. Click the blue "COPY HTML" on the upper right.

Google Maps interface for Hawn State Park with the "Share" pop-up. The "COPY HTML" button is under the "Embed a map", tab next to the iframe code.

Embedding the Map

  1. Find your webpage in the Tentaroo CMS.
  2. In the page editor, scroll down and expand the Map card.
  3. Paste your copied map code.
  4. Find the map width near the bottom of the pasted code, it will usually be "600" by default.
  5. Change the number within the parentheses to 100%.
  6. Click "Save."

Map Card with example embedded code. The width tag is near the end of the iframe code and set as width="100%".


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