Last edited 12/16/2019

Contacts Master List

Tentaroo makes it easy to manage your council contacts with our contacts master list, found in the first row of tabs under "Websites." All contacts are created and edited here, then added to individual pages. Any updates made to contact information in the master list are automatically reflected everywhere those contacts are displayed on the website.

You can find existing contacts by selecting the correct category from the dropdown on the left, and searching for the name below.

To add a new contact, simply click on the green plus sign then enter appropriate fields:

  • Name - Enter full name and suffix as you wish it to appear on your site.
  • Owner - If you have more than one website, this drop-down selects which site the contact is associated with.
  • Category - Categories are for internal organization only. Category options are pre-set.
  • Title/Position - Enter any title you wish displayed for the contact. If a staff member has multiple roles, a separate contact can be created for each and displayed where appropriate.
  • Phone - If you want a phone number displayed for the contact, be sure to list it here, not under "Mobile."
  • Email - Entering an email allows users to click on a contact's name and be taken to a contact request form.
  • Photo - Contact Photos are necessary for tile layout (see below). Click on the "Contact Photo" tab then the "Add Media" button on the bottom to upload an image.
  • Optional Information - All other fields can be used to store information internally, but will not be displayed to the public.

Make sure to click "Save" before continuing.

Adding Contacts to a Page

Contacts from the master list can be added to any webpage, including Site Event pages.

  1. Click on the "Contacts" tab of your page. The contacts master list will be displayed on the right.
  2. Find the name(s) you wish to add from the master list. You can select categories from the drop-down or enter a partial name in the filter below.
  3. Drag and drop the name(s) into the left-hand list. To remove a name, drag and drop back to the master list. The removed name will still appear, but in italics, until changes are saved.
  4. Choose a layout from the dropdown (see below).
  5. Click "Save."


Layout Options


There are three available layouts for contacts displayed on a webpage:


The grid layout shows each contact's name, position, and phone number in a table at the bottom of a webpage. Users can sort the table alphabetically by name or position, making grids useful when displaying several contacts.



The Sidebar layout displays contacts on the side of a page, similar to page navigation menus and google maps.



The tile layout displays contact photos and information at the bottom of a page. The contacts on this page use the tile layout. If any listed contacts do not have a contact photo, a grid will also appear below the photo tiles.

Enrique Bellafieri

Enrique Bellafieri


(727) 733-1871

Michelle Eldridge

Michelle Eldridge

Customer Care Representative

(888) 651-0153

Moishe Groger

Moishe Groger

Product Manager

Anika Koch

Anika Koch

Customer Care Supervisor

(636) 735-3733