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Adding Contacts to a Page

Last edited 11/12/2020
Contacts from the master list can be added to any webpage, including Calendar Event pages.

  1. Click on the "Contacts" card of your page, then MANAGE or ADD CONTACTS. The contacts master list will be displayed in the box.
  2. Find for the name(s) you wish to add from the master list.
    • Browse - scroll through the list.
    • Search - use the magnifying glass in the blue bar to search for a name.
    • By Category - Select a category from the dropdown.
    • Edit - click the pencil icon to the right of a contact to modify their information.
    • Add New - click the white plus icon in the blue bar to add a new contact. This new contact will also be added to the master list. 
  3. Check the name(s) you wish to add to the page and click SAVE. You can also add all contacts from a selected category by clicking SELECT ALL, then SAVE.
  4. Above your list of added contacts is a Layout dropdown. Select your preferred layout - see below for examples of how they will appear on the page.
  5. Click "Save."

Layout Options

There are three available layouts for contacts displayed on a webpage:


The grid layout shows each contact's name, position, and phone number in a table at the bottom of a webpage. They are sorted alpha by last name. Clicking the Email link will direct users to an email form.



The Sidebar layout displays contacts on the side of a page, similar to page navigation menus and google maps. They are sorted alpha by last name. Clicking the name will direct users to an email form.

For Event Registration Module pages, you can also choose to display the Primary Event Contact which will draw from the associated Event Type and displays above all other contacts. Sidebar is the recommended layout when displaying the Primary Event Contact.



The Photo layout displays contact photos and information at the bottom of a page for all contacts that have a photo in their profile. If any listed contacts do not have a contact photo, a grid will also appear below the photo tiles. Clicking on the name in the Photo layout will direct users to an email form.

Learn How to Manage Contacts in the Contacts Section


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