Enter Requirements Completed

Last edited 12/16/2019
Classes with requirements, such as merit badges, allow entry of requirements completed for group and council reporting. The Requirements Completed report (available for each group and the council) displays completed and partial classes and all requirements entered as complete.

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To enter requirements, go to the event (i.e. Week 1 - Summer Camp), click on the Classes tab, and select the class. At the bottom of the class list box, click on "Enter Requirements Completed".

  1. Counselor Information
    • Enter the counselor name and initials to be printed on the reports and blue cards.
    • Partial Merit Badges will show requirements completed with the counselor's initials.
    • Completed Merit Badges will show any requirements marked as completed with the counselor's initials and will also include the counselor's name and the camp address in the required fieldsm on the blue cards. The camp address is pulled from the Location address set for the camp.
  2. Bulk Entry Settings
    • The dropdowns and buttons in the top left corner apply to all participants as a bulk entry option.
    • Selecting Partial or Complete, checking attendance boxes, or clicking on requirement boxes will update the status of all participants.
    • Individual changes can be made for each participant below.
  3. Individual Settings
    • Use the dropdown on a participant to change their status to Partial, Complete, or No Show. No Show will remove all attendance and requirements from this participant.
    • Check or uncheck attendance boxes. 
    • Use the red x next to a requirement to remove it from this participant. Type a requirement followed by a comma (i.e. 1b, ) to enter it as complete.
    • Fill All and Clear will add or remove all requirements from this person.
Best Practice: Enter specific requirements completed even when the Scout has completed the merit badge. This informs the leaders of which requirements were taught at camp for data entry purposes.
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