Event Dashboard

Last edited 4/30/2021

The event Dashboard is the primary management spot for working with events that have already been created. Here you can see information about the event, generate invoices, communicate with units, and pull event reports.

The Dashboard is one of 3 tabs for each event:


The Dashboard's event summary contains two sections.

The first section contains the event statistics. This includes:

  • Event name, dates, Event Type, and location
  • The number of registrations (Unique accounts registered)
  • The number of Spots broken down by youth and adults
  • The number of named participants broken down by youth and adults
  • Total revenue for the event and actual amount received.

Event Summamry

The second section is the Event Description. This information is automatically generated for each event based on the Event and Event Type settings. This information is also displayed to units during registration.

Event Summary


In the Tools sections you can:

Event Tools


Event specific reports are available on the dashboard for each event.  Learn More

Event Reports


In the Campsites sections you can view the current status of your campsite assignments; plus you can Export an Excel/CSV report




We are always happy to assist with event registration training.