Last updated 5/13/2021
The Tentaroo Events Module supports requesting and assigning campsites for any event that uses numbers. Groups registering may select their top three choices and admins assign the final campsite. Campsites can be shared between multiple units and one group can be split among multiple campsites.

Build Campsites

Campsites for events are built within the Location. This step is currently done in the Tentaroo Legacy AIR App and will eventually be moved to the browser app. These campsites are not shared with the Facilities Module and should be blacked out if you are using both modules. Learn about setting up blackout dates here.

Campsites require only a name. You can add an optional capacity if you want but this is not enforced during assignment.

Enable Campsite Choices

Each event that uses numbers (either Just Numbers or Numbers and Names) has the option to enable campsite selection and to make that selection optional or required. This is found in the Event Type Settings under Group & Registration.

User Campsite Preferences

Groups select their top three choices on the Campsites step of the Numbers Wizard. Capacity, if set, will be displayed but not enforced.

Once selected, campsite choices will appear on the Confirmation step of the wizard and on the Registration Spots Summary card for the group. This information will also be included in the Groups Export for admins.

These preferences do not remove campsites from the list of available campsites. Admins will receive notifications that campsites were requested by a unit, but not assigned, until you assign campsites. We recommend waiting to assign campsites until registration closes, and creating a folder for these notifications until you are ready to place units in sites.

User Guide

Assign Campsites

Campsite assignment is done in the Numbers Wizard for each group by an admin.

Use the Select Client modal to find a registration and click Manage Spots to launch the Numbers Wizard. Click through to the Campsites Step.

Here, you will see the group's preferred campsites, if selected, as well as the total youth and adult numbers in the registration. Choose a campsite from the dropdown and complete the wizard. Checkout to finalize assignment.

Once a campsite is assigned with at least 4 spots, it will be removed from the list of available options for new groups. Once all campsites are assigned, new groups will not be able to sign up if the campsite preference step is required. 

Multiple Campsites - If the group needs to be split between two campsites, click NEW to add an additional line. Select the additional campsite and divide the youth and adults between all campsites selected. The total assigned are indicated at the bottom of the box. You may not enter more campers than the group has spots - if you accidentally add too many, you will receive an error message and must reduce campers assigned before continuing. Campsite capacity is shown, if available, but is not enforced, so it is possible to add more campers to a site than your capacity. Complete the wizard and checkout to finalize assignments.


Campsites appear in several reports, both for users and for admins.


  • Campsite Choices

    • Spot Summary in their registration.
    • Numbers Wizard on the Campsites step.
  • Campsite Assignments

    • Spot Summary in their registration.
    • Group Invoice.


  • Campsite Choices

    • Spot Summary in group registrations.
    • Numbers Wizard on the Campsites step.
    • Groups (Excel/CSV) report.
  • Campsite Assignments

    • Spot Summary in group registrations.
    • Groups, Check-in (PDF) report (same as group invoices).
    • Groups (Excel/CSV) report.
    • Campsites Export (Excel/CSV) above the Campsite Summary on the Event Dashboard.


CHECKOUT IS THE FINAL STEP - Remember that nothing is finalized until you check out of the shopping cart. All registrations/classes/options will be verified upon submitting an order in the shopping cart.

This also applies if no payment is due. Learn More
We are always happy to assist with event registration training.