Reports: Assumed Unit Affiliations

Last edited 12/12/2022
For Cub events where units camp together, councils often still need to collect unit affiliation information from non-Scouters so that everyone can be placed in the appropriate campsites. While non-Scouters are not required to enter unit information during registration, we have programmed our participant reports to make an educated guess based on the registered Scouters in the same account. 

This feature is called Assumed Unit Affiliations and is available as part of the following participant-based reports:

  • Participant Roster (Excel)
  • Participant Class Schedules (Excel) - ALL versions:
    • By Class
    • By Participant
    • Individual Options

For example, if a family account registers one participant who is a Cub Scout with Pack 100 and two participants who select, "Not a Scout," those two non-Scouts will also have Pack 100 in the unit fields. Those two visitors will still be listed on the reports as non-Scouts for organizational purposes (see the "Scouter?" field), but everyone now has a unit listed.

This solution should help in the majority of cases, however the unit field may still be blank if all registrants in an Individual / Family account choose "Not a Scout(er)" since the report has no data to go by.

We'd love to hear your feedback on this feature! Has this addition to reports been helpful? Do you still have situations where you need unit information from non-Scouters that the reports are not providing?


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