Event Reports

Last edited 4/30/2021
Event reports can be found at the Event dashboard and contain all the reports needed to manage an Event. Reports come in the form of PDF (pre-formatted) or Excel (raw data) files.


Report Available Description Example
Groups PDF and Excel The PDF version is a copy of each user's invoice. The Excel version contains the registration numbers, billing details and contact information for each user account registered for the event. It will also include campsite preferences for events that use Just Numbers (Spots) or Numbers and Names (Summer Camp Style) registration methods and are collecting campsite preferences. PDF, Excel
Participant Roster PDF and Excel The PDF participant roster is a list of all the participants for the selected unit registered for the event. The Excel version has all the information for each participant. One row per participant. Includes all the questions required for registration. PDF, Excel
Event Class Schedule Excel and Web The Excel version is a list of all the classes/options and their settings for the event. The web versions list all available classes/options by Youth, Adults, and Groups. These versions will update automatically during the registration process to show real time class capacity. The web versions can be embedded on your website and viewed without having to be logged in to the system. Excel, Web
Instructor Class Roster PDF This PDF report can be distributed to instructors so that they know who is attending the class and will have columns for attendance and requirements completed. This report can then be used to enter requirements completed by admins with this permission. PDF
Participant Class Schedules PDF and Excel PDF, by Group: Page break after each group with all participants and their selected classes. Intended for unit leadership.
PDF, Reqs Completed: Similar format as the PDF, by Group report plus a message in the footer about the merit badge counselors; after the event is over, will display partial or complete status as well as requirements completed as entered. Intended for unit leadership.
PDF, by Participant: Page break after each participant and his or her class schedule. Use this to distribute to participants.
Excel, by Class: One row per class registration, includes attendance and requirements completed. This version of the export has one row per class registration for each participant.
Excel, by Participant: One row per participant, columns for each class. Useful for mail merges: for example, to create lanyards for participants.
Excel, Event Options: Event Options that are selected by individuals such as Camperships or other discounts or event fees. Does not include classes. Includes both source and destination GL Accounts.
PDF, by Group;
PDF, Reqs Completed;
PDF, by Participants;
Excel, by Class;
Excel, by Participant;
Excel, Event Options
Blue Cards PDF Use to generate Blue Cards for particular group registered for the event. Separate Front and Back reports are generated for non-duplexing printers. This data is generated by the Class Types and the Enter Requirements Completed sections. Front, Back
Group Class/Option Registrations Excel A list of all selected group classes/options selected for the event. Excel
Participant List - Just Names PDF List of all campers (Last Name, First Name, DOB and Unit). PDF
Product Orders Excel List of all product orders for a particular event. Excel
Registration Amounts Excel List of all users registered for event with numbers attending, total event fees, and current balance. Does not include group classes or options. Excel
Shirt Sizes - Totals Excel List of all participants and their shirt sizes. Contains unit contact information for each participant. Shirt sizes can be set as required at the Event Type > Youth or Adults tabs. Excel


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