Backdating Payments

Last edited 10/29/2021

For events that lock-in pricing based on Date Paid in Full, the rate the group gets is based on the payment date. There are occasions - such as with a mailed-in check - when the payment was postmarked during the early or base rate period yet was received late and you want to give the group credit for paying on-time.

You can do that by backdating the payment.

Changing the order/payment date to an earlier date can be done by an admin when checking out or in Previous Orders. However, the system will still track the date and time when the payment was actually added in the Audit Log and on invoices.

Let's make it work!

New Payment

  1. Add the amount to pay to the cart. 
  2. Update any profile or billing contact information in the cart. Note: Billing Contact info entered during checkout is saved with that order and cannot be updated after the fact.
  3. Scroll to Payment Method.
  4. Enter the desired Order Date and complete the order information including detailed notes for future reference. 
  5. Click Place Order.
  6. Recalculate Pricing for the Registration

Previous Payment

  1. Go to the group's Previous Orders.
  2. Select the order and click Manage.
  3. Change the Date to the desired date and enter detailed notes regarding why the order date has been changed.
  4. Save.
  5. Recalculate Pricing for the Registration.
  6. Optional: send this group an updated invoice using the Generate Invoices tool.


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