Waitlisting Classes

Last edited 1/13/2020
Class scheduling allows for enabling waitlists for individual classes. This setting can be turned on at the Event Type on the Class Scheduling tab. 

How do waitlists work?

  • Applies to individual classes with a maximum capacity. Names (or Numbers and Names) registration is required to use waitlists.
  • Once capacity is reached, the participant will be added to the next available slot on the waitlist, i.e. 3rd on the waitlist.
  • Availability is confirmed at checkout.
  • Fees due upfront for classes will be collected regardless of registration or waitlist status.
  • Group will be notified of waitlist status, including when a participant clears the waitlist. **Please note that the receipt does not include position in the class.
  • As registered participants drop from the class, the next person on the waitlist will automatically be added to the class and the group will be notified by email. Remaining waitlisted individuals will likewise be moved up the list.
  • Current waitlist status can be checked by the group by logging in to Tentaroo, bringing up their registration, and downloading the "Class Schedule, PDF" report. 
  • Council Reports:
    • Event Type
      • Go to the system Reports tab, select your Event Type on the left, the year, and click the "Excel, by Class" button for "Participant Class Schedules."
      • Downloads as a CSV file for Excel and includes current registration and waitlist numbers for all Events for that Event Type for the selected year.
    • Event
      • Go to your Event, click on the Reports tab for that event, and click the "Excel, by Class" button for "Participant Class Schedules."
      • Downloads as a CSV file for Excel and includes current registration and waitlist numbers for just this Event.

How do I manage waitlists?

At checkin, if participants are still on waitlists, you will need to edit their registration to change their classes.

  1. Access the participant's registration through one of these methods:
    • Go to the group's registration from the admin panel.
    • Go to the group's account through the Select Client box, then find the event. Click on the participant's name.
    • Find the participant through the Select Client box.
  2. Click on Manage Registration, then Edit Registration.
  3. On the right under Schedule, click Remove for all waitlisted classes.
  4. On the class list, add the replacement classes to the schedule. 
  5. Complete the wizard and checkout to finalize changes.


We are always happy to assist with event registration training.