Group Classes

Last edited 12/16/2019
Group classes can be added as needed to a group's registration.

  • Event must be a Just Numbers (Spots) or Numbers and Names (Summer Camp Style) type.
  • This type of class is not available for Just Names (Participants) events.
  • Group classes/options will not conflict with individual classes/options. Scheduling conflicts apply to either the participant class schedule or the group class schedule, but do not overlap. 
  • Any fee will be multiplied by the number of eligible participants.
  • Admins with sufficient permissions can override the fee amount and numbers being charged the fee.

A group class that happens all morning (i.e. a horseback ride for the unit) would not block off the morning classes for the individuals (the same group would still be able to sign Scouts up for Archery at 9:00 AM). You can therefore use the same time block structure for both individual and group classes and communicate to the groups that they need to manage their scheduling conflicts accordingly.

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We are always happy to assist with event registration training.