Inline Images

Last edited 6/25/2020
Image Galleries are great for sharing images but are somewhat limiting to the top and bottom of the page. To embed a photo inline with text in the Content panel, your image needs to be hosted online. You can use the Resources section of the website module to upload your photos, but keep in mind that these do not automatically resize for viewing on different size screens and take up more bandwidth to display than images in the galleries. Keep your upload size under 10 MB (<5 MB recommended) to keep your site running smoothly.

To add an image to your page in the content section, copy the full code snippet below, then, on your page, click SOURCE to switch to the HTML code editor. Paste the code where you want your image to display. In place of the word, LINK, paste your source code from the Resources file or from wherever you are hosting the image.


<img class="img-responsive" src="LINK" />


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