URL Redirects

Last edited 6/22/2021

As a service to our councils, we can add URL Redirects (also referred to as URL Forwarding). URL Redirects are a technique used to automatically tranfer visitors of a webpage to a different URL. You can forward users from any web address in your domain to any website, webpage, or file which is available online.

Examples of when to use a URL Redirect:

  1. After you have transitioned to a Tentaroo website if your Page URL's have changed.
  2. When a publication, such as a printed flyer, is advertising the wrong URL. e.g. the flier says /summer-camp when it should be /summercamp.
  3. A Calendar Event already has an external website associated with it.

URL Redirect Request Form

Please complete this form and allow us up to 3 business days to process.


We are always happy to assist with event registration training.