Video: Numbers Wizard Update

Last edited 9/14/2021

Numbers Wizard Update (36:57)

This final update to the Events Module brings all of the remaining event management tools out of the legacy system and into the new interface. Below is a list of helpful time stamps to jump to relevant points followed by the full recording.

  • New Method to Lock-in Pricing for a Numbers event: Date of Registration (1:12) - includes comparison of Date Paid in Full and Date of Registration.
  • Suggested Discount Methods (5:23)
  • Enabling Date of Registration (8:00)
    • Modifying Rates in the Numbers Wizard (10:05)
    • Apply Leader Ratios (14:03)
  • Registration Details (16:50) - includes overriding the registration date and campsite deposit amount, group and admin notes fields, and the new event specific contacts fields.
  • Enabling Event Contacts (19:32)
  • Campsite Assignments (20:41)
  • Pricing Tiers (26:33)
  • Updates to the Tentaroo Legacy AIR App (30:00)
  • Conclusion / Request Support (35:34)



We are always happy to assist with event registration training.