Last edited 4/30/2021
Welcome to the Tentaroo Admin Training Updates page! As new topics are added to this website, they will be listed below. They will be removed after three months to make way for new topics. 

This website is searchable, so if you don't find what you are looking for here or in the menus, type your keyword into the search bar to see if your topic has already been added. If you have a topic you would like to see covered, please submit a request on the Topic Suggestion page. 

What's New?

Section Page Name and Link Update Description Date
Events Events Module All pages reflect the major update to the Events Module.  Entire Events section updated 4/30/2021
Facilities Facilities Module Brought up to date to reflect the major update to the Facilities Module. Entire Facilities section updated. 10/12/2020
Websites Website Module Brought up to date to reflect the changes to the CMS 8/28/2020
Form Builder Working With Templates GL account field instructions expanded. Screen capture added. 8/3/2020
Reports & Accounting Handling Cancellations and Postponements Link to Quick Fee Reversal added to list. 6/24/2020
Events & Accounting Quick Fee Reversal for Cancelled Events Page added with instructions to reverse fees. 6/22/2020
Events & Accounting Cancellations Added Quick Fee Reversal information and link to detailed instructions. 6/22/2020
Events Find a Participant Page added. 3/17/2020
Reports & Accounting Cancellations Section added on postponements. 3/17/2020
Events, Classes Class Types Merit Badge Requirement Spreadsheet updated. 1/22/2020
System Settings Setting up Online Payments Added Page 1/21/2020
Websites Tables 3 Additional color schemes added 1/20/2020
System Settings Require Account Contact Info Added Page 1/17/2020
System Settings GL Accounts Added Page 1/16/2020
Events, Classes Waitlisting Classes Added Page 1/13/2020
Reports & Accounting Payment Reports Sample Payment reports added. 1/8/2020
Events, Class Schedules Class Types Added link to Guide to Requirements 2019 from Scouting.org. 1/3/2020
System Settings, Events New User Account Added Page 12/30/2019
System Settings Remove a Staff Member Added Page 12/23/2019
Reports & Accounting Event Type Reports Sample Event Type reports added. 12/20/2019
Reports & Accounting System Reports & Accounting Screen Captures added highlighting report groupings. Sub topics linked in tables. 12/18/2019
Reports & Accounting Form Builder Reports Screen Captures added. 12/18/2019
Reports & Accounting Facility Reports Menu changed to Reports & Accounting with link from Form Builder Topics. 12/18/2019
Events & Websites Page Types Screen Captures added for Registration Buttons on Event Module Pages. 12/17/2019



We are always happy to assist with event registration training.