Creating Split Classes

The Tentaroo Time Blocks allow for automatic scheduling conflict prevention, so a participant doesn't book more than one class at the same time.

Split Schedule Classes

Sometimes, however, a class may be split between the morning on one day and the afternoon on another, and you still want to have the system manage conflicts. This is a little more complicated but can still be done. Here's that chart - note the Time Block differences on Tuesday:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 AM TB 1 TB 8 TB 1 TB 1 TB 1
10:00 AM TB 2 TB 9 TB 2 TB 2 TB 2
11:00 AM TB 3 TB 10 TB 3 TB 3 TB 3
1:00 PM TB 4 TB 11 TB 4 TB 4 TB 4
2:00 PM TB 5 TB 12 TB 5 TB 5 TB 5
3:00 PM TB 6 TB 13 TB 6 TB 6 TB 6
4:00 PM TB 7 TB 14 TB 7 TB 7 TB 7


This setup allows the camp to offer classes that are in the morning some days and in the afternoon on Tuesday to be scheduled without creating conflicts with other morning or afternoon classes.

For example, a class is offered all morning on Monday and Wednesday as well as all afternoon on Tuesday. This class would be assigned to Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and to Time Blocks 1, 2, 3, 11, 12, 13, & 14. This setup omits Tuesday morning (time blocks 8, 9, & 10) and Monday and Wednesday afternoon (4, 5, 6, & 7) so the conflicts work out for the specific days and times you need them to.

Note: We recommend that you use this sparingly, and contact Tentaroo for confirmation that your time block settings will work as intended, especially if this is a new setup for you this year.
We are always happy to assist with event registration training.

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