Social Media Widget

Last edited 12/23/2019

In the footer of the Tentaroo website module, we offer a social media widget that shows your Twitter and/or your Facebook feeds. We can limit this widget to one or the other by request.

Displaying your social media feeds here helps your parents and volunteers keep up to date with your posts and also encourages them to follow your council on social media. You can also link to Twitter, Facebook, and many other social media accounts on your site and on each page by going to the Connections tab on any page in the website editor.

Facebook Visibility

For Facebook to show here, your council's page needs to be published and visible to the public. Here is how to do that. If you need assistance, please reach out to us at or schedule a brief training.


In your Facebook Page, go to Settings.

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Page Published

Edit the Page Visibility and select "Page published" and then Save Changes. This will allow visitors who are not logged in to Facebook to see your page, which also means it will be visible in the social media widget on your Tentaroo website.

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We are always happy to assist with website training.