Event Type Settings vs Event Settings

Last edited 4/30/2021

Read the section below to understand Event Type settings also known as shared settings and how they differ from settings that are configured at the event level.

What are Event Type settings?

Event Type settings are:

  1. One of the 5 tabs for each Event Type.
    1. Events
    2. Products
    3. Reports
    4. Message Center
    5. Settings
  2. Created when a new Event Type is create.
  3. Shared amongst all event within the Event Type.  If these settings are changed at any event, they will update all past, current and future events.
  4. Accessed at the Event Type level. Events > Select Event Type in Pop Up modal.


The shared fields include:

  1. Registration Method - Just Names, Just Numbers or Numbers & Names. Once event type is created it can not be changed.
  2. Name
  3. Description
  4. Leader's Guide Link
  5. Website Link
  6. Location
  7. Event Category
  8. Primary & Secondary Contacts - Primary contact is displayed to units, secondary contacts only receive notications for all transaction for event in the Event Type
  9. New Registration Confirmation Message - Sent to every new registration.
  10. Allow Self Registration - Groups will be allowed to sign themselves up for events. Groups must pay the amount due upfront online to add participants.
  11. Minimum Number of Participants - If groups can self-register, this is the minimum number of participants the group must register when creating a new registration.  This only applies for events that use Number (Spots)
  12. Upfront Payment Required
  13. Pricing Lavels by Date - What you call your early, base and late rates.
  14. Allow Late Registrations and the number of days before event to close registration
  15. Pricing Tiers 
  16. Participant Types
  17. Lock-in Pricing Method - Either Date of Registration or Date Paid in Full.
  18. Payment Gateways to allow or Optional extra Fee
  19. Group & Registration fields
  20. Show Group Type During Account Creation
  21. Allow Non-Scouter Participants
  22. Show/require Event Contact
  23. Show Campsite Ranking
  24. Show/require Registration Notes
  25. Show Youth - Includes the fields to show and require for youth
  26. Show Adults - Includes the fields to show and require for adults
  27. OA Fields - Show the Chapter, Lodge, OA Status and OA Position fields
  28. Class Scheduling fields
  29. Minimum Scheduled Time Blocks

What are Event settings?

Event settings are:

  1. One of the 3 tabs for each event
    1. Dashboard
    2. Classes | Time Blocks | Class TypesAdding a class to your class schedule
    3. Settings
  2. Created when a new event is create.
  3. Unique to the event.  If these settings are changed, they only affect that event.
  4. Accessed at the event.


In the Event settings, the Event Type settings are displayed; and if admin has sufficient permission, admin can change shared settings at the Event Settings tab.  This will update all events within the Event Type.

The event specific fields include:

  1. Event Name
  2. Deep Link - This is generated by system and can not be changed.  It can be used to send individuals straight into the event for the purposes of registering.
  3. Event Start Date and Time
  4. Event End Date and Time
  5. Registration Start Date and Time
  6. Registration End Date and Time
  7. Pricing - This settings can be imported from any existing event in the same Event Type.
  8. GL Account – Registration Fees
  9. Youth Participant Deposit Due Date and Amount
  10. Default Campsite Deposit Amount
  11. Pricing Levels by Date fields - These are the dates that define early, base and late periods.
  12. Registration Fee Fields - The early, base and late rate for youth and adults by pricing tiers (In-Council, Out-of-Council or Provisional).  Additional pricing tiers can be added to your system.
  13. Capacity Fields - Event Capacity, Youth and Adult Capacity.

Custom participant fields can also be added.  Contact support@tentaroo.com to add new fields for participants. Custom Number (Spots) fields are not supported.


We are always happy to assist with event registration training.