ScoutNet Export Instructions

Last edited 9/30/2020
Here are the instructions for generating a ScoutNet export file. We recommend updating your units twice a year, after fall recruitment and at the end of recharter/beginning of named summer camp registration.

You do not need to modify the export file generated from ScoutNet. We prefer to work with the raw data. Formats of .BSAP and .XLSX are acceptable as long as the data has not been modified.

Data imports do not replace any current information, such as the primary and alternate contacts for the groups. New members will be added, and any new data will be appended to existing members. No data will be removed or overwritten, i.e. members who are no longer with the unit won’t be deleted and old contact information won’t be changed. Removals and data updates must be done manually.

Note regarding partner troops:

Boy Scouts of America is now co-ed and is allowing new all-girl units to continue using the same unit number as the existing all-boy units. ScoutNet's designations for unit gender are not being included in the export file as of this update (December 2019). Due to this, Tentaroo is not yet able to match fields in our unit account profile for purposes of keeping the units separate with the same number. Neither system formally supports alpha characters in the unit number, and imports from ScoutNet to Tentaroo cannot recognize such characters. 

Our recommendation is to add a numeric prefix (1-9) to one or both partner units to both systems. For example, for Boy and Girl Troops both using 123, the Boy Troop can become 7123 and the Girl Troop can become 6123. Both can use 123 for their daily designation, and the longer number is for official use. 

How to export from ScoutNet:

  • Login to ScoutNet
  • Go to Membership
  • Registrant Print Selections
  • Record: Multiple; Person: all; Registrant Status: Current Only; NEXT
  • Council; NEXT
  • All Programs; NEXT
  • All Units; NEXT
  • Unit Positions: All Positions; Non Unit Positions: No Positions; NEXT
  • NEXT
  • Let us know which position you want us to make the main unit administrator.

Use this button to request a ScoutNet Import Submit ScoutNet File, and please allow up to 10 business days for completion



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