Products Wizard

Last edited 4/30/2021

In the Events Module, products can be sold as part of the registration process. Products are associated with an Event Type and are available for purchase at each Event within the Event Type.

The Products Wizard is available in two forms:

  1. For Events that utilize the numbers registration method such as Just Numbers or Numbers and Names, the Numbers Wizard includes products as a step of the wizard.
  2. For all Events, a standalone Products Wizard is available at the bottom of the Registration tab.

Orders can be placed and managed by using either wizard.

To learn more about selling products in the Event Module or Form Builder Click Here

Numbers Wizard

Products Wizard


CHECKOUT IS THE FINAL STEP - Remember that nothing is finalized until you check out of the shopping cart. All registrations/classes/options will be verified upon submitting an order in the shopping cart.

This also applies if no payment is due. Learn More


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