Increase Pricing (Recalculate)

Last edited 12/16/2019

When is it Necessary to Recalculate?

In an event that requires Numbers (Spots), the system calculates pricing based on when the spot is fully paid for, regardless of when the spot was reserved. This applies to both Just Numbers (Spots) and Numbers and Names (Summer Camp Style) registration methods.

In an event that only requires Names (Participants), pricing is locked in when the name is added and will not recalculate. The Increase Pricing button is not available on Just Names events. Pricing adjustments are made in the participant's registration.

On the day that pricing goes up (from early to base and/or from base to late), use the Increase Pricing tool at the event to recalculate all registered groups. Any participants not paid in full by that date will go up to the new rate, including registrations in the cart.

Ways to Recalculate Pricing

There are three ways to recalculate pricing for events that use Numbers. Spots paid in full will not go up to the next pricing tier during recalculation.

  1. Increase Pricing (admin side)
    • The Increase Pricing button adjusts all groups' youth spots for this event based on payment received.
    • This is the recommended method to recalculate when your pricing goes up or when you have made a change to the pricing for the event.
  2. Save and Recalculate (admin side)
    • On the Registrations tab of the event, each group has both a "Save" and a "Save and Recalculate" button. These buttons apply only to the group selected.
    • "Save" will not recalculate but will save your changes to youth spots and pricing made on this tab. If recalculation is done in another way, changes saved will not be preserved.
    • "Save and Recalculate" will match the current rates for the event with the payment dates for the group and your automated free leader ratios.
      • If free leader ratios are not automated through us on the backend, adults set to $0 on this screen will not recalculate to the event's fees.
  3. Numbers wizard (group side)
    • Anytime the numbers wizard is launched (i.e. Manage Spots) and completed, the group's registration will be recalculated.