Enabling Flash in Chrome

Last edited 11/12/2020
The retiring of Flash Player has been a gradual process over the last few years and will culminate with its complete elimination at the end of 2020. Commonly used browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, are gradually adding more barriers to using Flash to ease us all into no longer needing it.

The latest barrier is from Google Chrome version 76+, which now blocks Flash by default. This page includes instructions on how to re-enable Flash in Chrome below. Firefox has also announced that, in a new version scheduled for launch in early 2020, they will be disallowing Flash entirely, so our recommendation is to use Chrome instead after that update.

Enable Once - Browser Session Specific

You can enable Flash for a single browser session, however when you restart Chrome, these settings will be cleared out:

  • In your Tentaroo system, launch the admin interface so you see the Adobe Flash Player is blocked message.
  • In the address bar, click on the padlock on the left.
  • Flash is shown, and the dropdown says “Block (default)”. Change this dropdown to “Allow”.
  • Refresh your browser and click the Flash puzzle piece to allow the Tentaroo Flash player to run. Flash will be allowed for this site for this browsing session.

Enable Ask First - Recommended for Ongoing Use

Chrome 76 users still have the option to set Flash to “ask first”, which means you can still enable it on a site-by-site basis.

  • Go to Chrome Settings and type “flash” into the search bar.
  • Click on Site Settings, then Flash.
  • Where it says, “Block sites from running Flash (recommended)”, click the toggle, which will change the setting to “Ask First”.
  • Close the settings panel and go to your Tentaroo site. Load the admin, then click on the puzzle piece which will prompt you to Allow Flash Player to run. This step will need to be done with every new Chrome session, but is faster than the “Enable Once” method explained above.

To Chrome Settings

Search for Flash, click on Site Settings

Click on Flash

Enable Ask First

Our Progress

We have been working on rewriting our system for several years now, and our release of the new user interface on September 15, 2018 was our first major update of the system in preparation for moving completely away from Flash. End users and admins working with user accounts no longer require Flash to run the Tentaroo system at all.

Our current project is rewriting the admin interface out of Flash; that will be released by the end of 2020. The new admin, like the new user interface, will be completely mobile and accessible from any device on a current browser. We are on time with our rewrite and are very excited about how the new system is coming along! Keep an eye on your inbox as we will continue to send out email updates with our progress.