Managing Existing Registrations

Last edited 12/16/2019
To manage existing registrations as an admin, select the user account you wish to work with.

At the account homepage, select the event you need to make changes to. This will take you to the Registration details page.

  • Financial Summary - view balance and add payment to the cart. Checkout to finalize payments.
  • Click Reports to expand the reporting options for the event. Events that use Numbers have more reports than Just Names events.
  • For a Numbers registration, click Manage Spots to launch the Numbers Wizard:
    • SPOTS - Add or remove reserved spots. Note: spots can only be removed if they are not named. If they are named, you will have to launch the Names Wizard and cancel participants first.
    • OPTIONS - Add or remove group classes or options. Manage fees and quantities of added options.
    • PRODUCTS - Add or remove (admin only option) products. Can also be managed through the Products Wizard found at the bottom of the Registration details page.
    • CAMPSITES - View assigned campsite OR edit preferred campsites if campsite is not yet assigned.
    • CONFIRMATION - Add payment to the cart. Checkout to finalize changes, even if no payment is added to the cart.
  • For a Names registration, scroll down to the Participant section to launch the Names Wizard:
    • Click Add Participant to add a new name through the wizard.
    • Click a participant's name to modify or cancel the registration.
  • The Registration Options section shows a summary of group options - click MANAGE group options to launch the Numbers Wizard and click NEXT to get to the Options step. Make changes as needed.
  • The Products section at the bottom shows a list of purchased products - click MANAGE to launch the separate Products Wizard to add or remove (removing is an admin only feature) products.

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