Events Launch Videos

The Events Module admin interface was updated on 12-27-2020. This latest update moves us completely out of Flash. A few features will remain in the legacy interface using the Adobe AIR App - learn more on our AIR Installer page.

Webinar Recording (1:02:38)

  • Tour of the new interface. (1:01)
  • Detailed walkthrough.
    • Event Types Selector Modal (5:45) - includes building a new event type and duplicating an event type.
    • Event Type Settings (10:28)
    • Message Center (18:39)
    • Event Type Reports (21:14)
    • Products (21:56)
    • Events List (23:10) - includes creating a new event.
      • Event Settings (23:58)
      • Classes (29:42) - includes building classes, importing time block settings and classes, and the Enter Requirements Completed feature.
      • Dashboard (41:10) - included event management tools and reports.
    • Select Client Modal - Registrations and Participants (45:40)
  • AIR App download process and which features will be accessible there temporarily. (48:35)
  • Mobile appearance (56:35)
  • Admin Manual Events updates (59:35)


Event Management Tools (5:58)

Quickly access common event management tools for downloading reports, entering requirements completed, invoicing customers, and managing registrations for events in Tentaroo. This video is helpful for council, camp, and event staff who need to access records for an event.