Last edited 1/21/2020
The content tab hosts the main body of a webpage. By default, the central editor box is set to design mode, and allows you to add and edit content as you would in a word processor. Clicking "Source" to the upper-right reveals the underlying HTML, and is used for more advanced features. See Advanced Page Options for some of the many ways to enrich and streamline webpage content.

Design View:

Source View:

Above the editor are the page name and short URL. New pages require a name before they can be saved. Page name and short URL can be changed at any time, but must be unique for your website.

The "View" button opens the page in a new browser tab, allowing you to explore how it looks and functions for users. While editing, it is a good idea to save frequently and examine the page in a browser after every save. Once a page is open, you can simply press refresh in the tab to update any changes.

Clicking "Copy Link" opens a box where you can copy either the relative or absolute link for your page. 

  • Relative Link: /shorturl
    • Excludes the domain name.
    • Used internally and always works even if you change the domain name.
  • Absolute Link:
    • Has to have the correct domain name.
    • Used externally to link to your site or to share in print.
    • Works internally as long as the domain name is correct.


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