Admin Account Help

Forgotten Password

Last edited 3/15/2021
If an admin forgets their password, the process to reset that password requires the assistance of another System Admin.

The "forgot password" option on the login screen is tied to user accounts and does not retrieve or reset passwords for admin accounts.

To reset an admin password, another system admin should login to the Tentaroo Legacy Air App. Instructions for installing Adobe AIR and the Tentaroo Air App can be found on our Air Installer page.

Once in the app, go to Options tab and then Admin Users, select the admin who needs a new password, and do one of the following:

  1. If the admin needing a new password is present, have them enter a new password and save.
  2. If that admin is not present, enter a temporary password and have them use it to login. Once logged into the system with the temporary password, they should go to the admin users section and enter a new, secure password.

Tentaroo staff do not reset passwords for admin staff. If contacted by a staff member to change password, we will refer them to an authorized admin with sufficient permissions.

Logged in as an Admin but Seeing My User Account

Admin accounts always use the individual's email address as the login. If the admin logs in and sees his or her user account instead, it may mean that the same email address is set as the login ID for his Individual / Family or Unit account and the system only recognizes one of the two when logging in. You can confirm this by clicking on the Select Client box and searching for the individual's name. Any accounts that he or she is tied to should be checked to see if the email address is being used as the login ID. Here's how to separate the logins:

  1. In the user account, click on Manage Profile and change user ID to something besides the email address.
  2. Log out, clear the browser cache, and log in using the admin credentials.



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