Homepage Boxes

Last edited 12/16/2019
The Tentaroo website template includes four colorful boxes on the homepage to display site messages such as upcoming events, newsletter signups, and more.

These four site message boxes are currently updated by Tentaroo via support requests to support@tentaroo.com. Each website has a Google Sheets spreadsheet where the council can enter the data for updates. The spreadsheet generates the code that we use to update your site message boxes and can be used as often as needed to make changes. Once you have entered your new content, send us a support request and let us know the spreadsheet has been updated. We ask for three business days to process requests.

If you need access to your council's spreadsheet(s), let us know and we will send you the link.

In the future, updating the site message boxes will be included in the admin tools.

Adding Additional Boxes

In addition to the default set of boxes, we also have code for adding four more responsive boxes in the content section of the homepage. The council can update these four boxes at any time by editing the page in source mode. If you would like assistance setting this up and/or training on managing it, schedule 20 minutes in the training room and we will guide you through the process.

We are always happy to assist with website training.